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            The concentration leads to success.
            Who we are
            Being a planetary extruder benchmark manufacturer, EFFORT Machinery is focused on helping customer in production-line optimization, productivity maximization, through diversified product portfolio as well as its innovative,high-quality solution for today’s dynamic marketplace.
            Products portfolio& service
            · EFT series extruder (EFT125, EFT 150, EFT 170, EFT 190, EFT220, EFT 250)
            · Main parts ( Screw, Rollers, Geared barrel )
            · Roller maintenance
            CZ-EFFORT MACHINERY CO。,LTD。(上海辦事處)
            聯系人:Rita Liu
            Effort will depute senior engineer to help customer install and debug the equipment, train the customer's staff to operate and produce high-quality plastic sheet.
            With help of own years' research and experience in plastic sheet production, we can provide effective recipes and advance technique to help customer achieve high quality and efficiency.
            General problems can be solved with reference of “Users' Manual”. By either online video or onsite guidance, our engineers can help customer test and analyze the equipment problems, and then make solutions for optimizing production. 

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            Contact Us
            Call me! lucy74347 Call me! candy_2572
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